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Ghouls & Ghosts: Is Your Firewall Up To The Task?

Managed Firewall UTM

Here at Kharma Consulting, we've caught enough ghosts to know when rational explanations exists. Contact us to uncover the culprits behind cyber attacks that tear down hotels, bed & breakfasts and retail venues.

Diverse Forms, Veteran & New Users Susceptible
Threat Level : Scary Dream

Forces Users to Negotiate for their precious data, files and worst, unbacked memories like photos, videos and passwords.
Threat Level : Nightmare

Don't deny the existence of these crippling ghouls and ghosts any longer, and contact us to take back, conquer, and forever more protect ourselves from all Malware and Ransomware.

Ruckus Wireless is Boring - And That's Just The Way I Like It!

Boring IT

Just logged into our Ruckus Wireless VSZ Cloud Controller and there it is. No outages, no alarms, nothing. Just happy access points all chugging along serving clients - Boring.

It was the same way last week and last month. Certainly there is some emergency I need to respond to? I bet the guests are happy as well.Yep - Looked at our call center logs and all is quiet there too.

Well you know what? That's just the way I like it! When the guests are happy, hotel staff is happy, management is happy and so are we. So if you don't have a boring wifi network just give a ring and let us take the excitement out of your network.

Why Buy A Commercial Grade TV for Your Hotel?

Hotel TV

In the same way a pro photographer uses a purpose-built camera, or a construction worker will use commercial grade tools, your business demands a purpose built commercial grade at panel television. Commercial grade televisions are built to withstand constant use and withstand harsh public environments. Whether you own a sports bar, restaurant or even an airport, you expect that your panels will provide entertainment and information in an always-on environment with no down time.

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TECH TIP - Why your ISP modem is not a proper router-firewall

Slow Hotel Internet


So you have upgraded to your ISPs 100 meg service or better and things still seem to slow down during prime usage hours at your hotel and you cannot figure out why. You call your ISP and they tell you everything looks fine. They may even have you disconnect the network and run a speed test with only your laptop connected and sure enough you are getting the advertised rate.

Odd, huh?

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Ruckus Wireless 802.11ac Trade Up Program

Ruckus Wireless Trade Up Program

Ruckus Wireless Announces 802.11ac Trade Up Program Till December 30, 2015

Ready to make the move up to Simply Better Wireless? Until December 30, 2015, Ruckus Wireless has announced their 802.11ac trade up program. Simply choose a qualifying Ruckus Wireless access point, submit your order, and when you send your old access points back you can earn up to $100 per access point as a trade up rebate.

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Select Registry Members Recommend Kharma Wifi

Select Registry

Kharma Consulting is very pleased to announce that we have benn added to the recommended vendor list for Select Registry. We are extremely pleased to be associated with these best of class Inns.

To be added to the Select Registry list, you must be recommended by the member Inns of Select Registry. We pledge to hold ourselves to the rigorous standards set by Select Registry.

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Historic Arlington Hotel Now Has Awesome Wifi from Kharma

Arlington Hotel and Spa

What if your hotel is 90 years old, 11 stories high, built of brick, covers a city block and needs good wifi?

Call Kharma Consulting of course. We just finished engineering and installing an awesome wifi system for the Historic Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas using equipment from Ruckus Wireless and Valuepoint Networks. Guests are happy, front desk is happy and so is management - that makes us happy as well!

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Why Getting The Price You Want May Be A Bad Thing

We all want to get the best price for the things we need in business, so we negotiate hard. The problem is at some point you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

You call up your vendor of choice and ask for a quote. The vendor gives you a quote for he knows through experience is exactly what you need. Then the negotiations begin..

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Come See Us At the AAHOA Gulf Region Show on June 11th

AAHOA Gulf Region Show Jackson, MS

Don't forget to come see us at the AAHOA Gulf Region Show at the Jackson Convention Center in Jackson, MS on June 11, 2015

We have some exiting new products to share with our many friends and customers in the AAHOA and look forward to seeing all of you and making new friends.

June 11, 2015 Jackson Convention Center 105 East Pascagoula Street Jackson, MS 39201

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