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What is Managed Wifi Service?

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Simply put, Managed Wi-Fi is a service offering where a Managed Service Provider, such as Kharma Consulting, engineers, installs and manages your wi-fi infrastructure.

This takes the burden off of your staff so they can concentrate on delivering great service instead of learning new equipment and software. At Kharma, we've been doing this for years. Handling configuration, management, upgrades, hardware failures and all sorts of issues is second to our nature. With hundreds of clients in over 20 states, we have just about seen it all.

Managed Wi-Fi also allows you to take advantage of our buying power with the manufacturers as well as free up or save human capital. For instance, in a school setting, wouldn't your IT staff be better served delivering the applications to students that the network is supposed to be handling instead of chasing gown network problems? In hospitality, staff can be pleasing guests instead of trying to figure out why the wi-fi doesn't work.
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